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I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...
December 25, 2015

Just like the ones I used to know, Where the hopfields glisten & farmers listen, To hear tractors in the snow... May your days be merry and bright & may all your Christmases be white!

Palette of Pumpkin Pies!
November 16, 2015

Every year the Yakima Union Gospel Mission boxes up 500 Thanksgiving meals for low income families with children ( To help with the kids favorite part of any meal Roy Farms happily donated 150 pumpkin pies from Costco today! 

Veterans Day Salute!
November 11, 2015

Mark Flamm, Army / Sean Benson, Marines / Kyle Charvet, Army / Andre Uribe, Army / Bob Hambly, Army / Ted Deccio, Marines... Thank you today and everyday to all those who have bravely served!

October 31, 2015
Fresh Centennials...
September 7, 2015

wet hop…. ready for Brewery pick up!

Wildfire Firefighter Donations!
August 26, 2015

Donations will be taken at the Front Street Fire House in Yakima until noon on Friday... They will then be delivered and directly distributed to firefighters in Okanogan County.

Farms Certified For Clean Water & Habitat Restoration
August 18, 2015

Roy Farms named in Salmon-Safe/Deschutes Brewery’s new marketing flyer on “Farms Certified For Clean Water & Habitat Restoration”...

July 29, 2015

Leslie Roy... CEO of Roy Farms & International Hop Growers’ Convention (I.H.G.C.) President keeping up foreign relations...

Good Morning Guttation!
July 23, 2015

Guttation:  is the exudation of drops of xylem sap on the tips or edges of leaves of some vascular plants, such as grasses. Guttation is not to be confused with dew, which condenses from the atmosphere onto the plant surface.

Harvest Continues Another Ten Nights...
July 22, 2015

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